A Guide To Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Covers


Gutter cleaning is an unavoidable chore to most homeowners, even when you have gutter cover. Even though some homeowners will be content with waiting until rainwater stops flowing properly before thinking about cleaning, knowing a couple of tips that will make the process simpler, fun, and a lot safer.

Cleaning your gutters can be easy as long as you know what you ought to do and how to do it. You will also need the right tools and know when to clean your gutters. The right equipment will guarantee your safety and an easy time when doing the cleaning.  Who knows, it might even make you look forward to each gutter cleaning session.

Safety First – Know Your Roof

A strong ladder placed on a firm and level base is the best way up to the gutters. If possible, make it a tall step ladder that won’t have to lean on the roof for support. Remember to stand with your hips against a step and in between the rails for perfect balance.

If you have to get onto the roof, ensure that it is a low pitch roof that is dry. Wearing non-slip shoes and stepping on the railings will keep you safe on the roof whilst protecting delicate sections of the roof.

Going up a ladder and onto the roof could be dangerous. Hiring professional cleaners is always wise if you are dealing with:

  • Roofs that are too steep
  • High gutters on multiple floored buildings

Cleaning Gutters – Following Procedure

Huge roofs with long stretches of gutters can be time-consuming to clean. To cut short the cleaning time, you can use a leaf blower or an on-off high-pressure hose. The pressure hose approach can easily turn messy and should only be used when there is too much murk and dirt in your gutters.

Alternatively, you can don some hard gloves and a plastic scoop to scrape off the debris. If you are expecting some rain, you won’t have to hose down your gutters after using a scoop to get rid of the debris.

Don’t Forget the Downspouts

Obstructions in the drainpipes and downspouts will jeopardize your otherwise perfect gutter cleaning campaign. To detect a blockage, pour some water down the drainpipes and expect it to flow unhindered to the bottom of the drain.

If this doesn’t happen, you might have to push a plumber’s auger, or some stiff rod down the pipe from the top to clear the clog. Flushing the downspout with a garden hose (or a high-pressure hose) to finish up the cleanup.

Gutter Covers Will Make Your Life Easier

Gutter covers will go over your gutter, keeping off all that debris and leaves while letting the rainwater in. They reduce the rate at which the junk accumulates, thereby reducing the number of times you have to clean your gutters. This is good news for people who dread the heights or the whole business of cleaning gutters.

Without gutter guards, you will have to clean in the spring and the fall. Gutter covers break this cycle. Some homeowners can go up to two years without having to worry about gutter cleaning thanks to a gutter cover job.

Other Benefits of Gutter Covers

Other than just keeping the trash out, gutter covers also have other lovable benefits that will definitely elongate your gutter’s lifespan.

Less wet debris in the gutters will reduce rusting. Slower rusting rates will give your gutters a longer lifespan and save you on maintenance.

Gutter guards will keep your gutters clean during those harsh winters too and prevent clogs that could force water to seep into your house.
In some areas, gutter covers also improved safety against brush fire since your gutters will be free of dry leaves that catch and propagate fire faster.
Also, keep in mind that gutter covers will keep pests and other small animals from setting residence in your gutters.

Remember, however, that regular gutter cleaning is inevitable, but with gutter guards, you can postpone this tiresome and potentially dangerous home maintenance chore for longer without affecting your property. They are a small price to pay for less cleaning costs which leave you with a safer roof and fewer gutter blockages.