Biomass Boiler Estimates And Green Heating Guide

If you live in areas where the weather gets cold you need to have a method of keeping your house warm. Keeping a house’s interior at a comfortable temperature does not mean that you have to harm the environment. It is possible to keep your home warm in a reliable and affordable manner and not have a negative impact on the world around you. Here are several energy efficient heating methods that you may want to consider when it is time to replace your current heating system.
Biomass stoves and boilers
Biomass stoves and boilers can be used to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. Biomass boilers and stoves use fuel such as wood pellets in order to power them. Wood pellet stoves and boilers are carbon neutral. The wood comes from trees that absorb carbon during their lifespan. Wood pellet stoves release only as much carbon as a tree absorbed when it was alive. Stoves provide direct heat to a home whereas boilers heat water that is then used in radiators or in radiant heating systems.
Wood pellets are extremely easy to store, can be produced locally and can even be fed into the stove or boiler by an automated system. This is an affordable and extremely environmentally friendly way to have home heating.
Solar hot water heating systems
Energy from the sun can be used to heat a home. Water travels through tubes set into solar panels. The heat from the sun warms the water and it travels back into the home through the same tubes. The water can be stored in a boiler which is insulated and which keeps it warm until it is needed. It can then be used in radiators or in a radiant heating system exactly like hot water from biomass systems would be.
Heat pump systems
There is a lot of ambient heat being stored in the ground and the water that surrounds our homes. A heat pump transfers heat from the ground or water via tubes filled with coolant. If you dig deep enough, there is a point where the ground contains a substantial amount of heat available on a continuing basis. That heat can be used to warm a home in an environmentally friendly manner.
Only you can tell which system is the most appealing to you. Working with a company that is experienced in installing these systems will ensure that your home stays warm without damaging the world around you.


written By Sam Braidley

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