Questions to Ask About Solar Panels before Installation

Solar panels are a natural source of energy that helps for a sustainable world. A true fact is that we often get unpleasing electricity bills and we are more dependent on the fossil fuels which are finite. Therefore, solar panels can be used as an alternative energy source. We find a solar system very useful for a long term use but the starting cost is big. And for this dilemma, we may sometimes get confused about it. The thing is that the local government delivers certain deductions and refund schemes to those who use solar panels. These financial offers and incentives help others make this affordable but certain things should be clarified before installing solar panels.
1. Are they used only in warm places?
The sun powers up these panels. The energy received from the sun can be used for powering up your home. So solar systems can be used in any environment. The larger potential will be the usage of these in sunny areas where this technology can provide greater benefits. Some places that have hot climate could provide even one third of the total electricity consumed in the whole country. Hence,the presence of sunlight is a predominant factor for a more beneficial use.
2. How much investment is required initially?
Go onlne and find 2017 solar panel quotes. Many customers may be disappointed upon hearing the start-upcost of such a system, since the investment may go over $50,000. By considering the future benefits and the available tax exemptions and credits, the initial cost doesn’t seem that much anymore.
3. Do you require a new roof for installing them?
You don’t need a new roof since your existing roof can be used for this purpose. A good domestic solar panel installer or contractor would finish the installation work quickly. You should first check out whether or not the existing roof is in good condition. Making changes in the roof after the installation of the solar panel involves removing the panel and then doing the repairs which is difficult.
4. Will adding the panels increase your property tax?
Since this is a renewable and a sustainable energy system, many states offer tax credits and some local authorities exempt the installations of solar panels from the property taxes entirely.
5. How much can be saved on energy bills?
Savings depends on how much energy can be received and how much needs to be uses. On an average, there will be a 70% reduction in your electricity bill per month. If you pay $200/month on electric power, you will save around $1700/year
6. Does using these panels remove your necessity of being in the power grid?
It doesn’t mean that you can entirely depend upon the solar energy as bad times do come. There are some solar systems that store energy in huge batteries and some people even enter certain programs where they can use energy from the produced solar energy and provide the extra energy back into the grid for certain beneficial credit.
7. Do they require maintenance over time?
These panels don’t have any moving or rotating parts. So this doesn’t require regular maintenance. The rains are only needed to clean the panels. Nowadays these are even equipped with modern software to let you know whether the system has the efficiency to run properly.
Many of you may still have some doubts about solar panels. Get in touch with a solar panel dealer for further information and know more about the installation process, the benefits and the efficiency. If you choose to switch to solar energy, the decision would be a good one in my opinion.


written by Jackson clark

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