10 Important Decorating Tips Everyone Should Know


So you are considering a makeover for that outdated space in your home. Or, you may be thinking about selling your home and looking for ways to maximize its value?

There are countless tips and ideas for keeping up with the latest trends. But how can you get that one-of-a-kind look that showcases your style? To help you get started, here are 10 of the most important decorating tips that everyone should know about:

1. Have a Plan

Proper planning is essential for any project, especially when decorating your home. With proper planning, you can all but eliminate the chances of costly mistakes. After all, you wouldn’t want to start an expensive project only to realize that you’ve under-budgeted or that you’ve made the wrong design choices.

2. Transform and Repurpose

There’s no sense in tossing out a comfortable piece that’s totally functional. Reupholstering that old chair in the corner is a great way to keep enjoying the best seat in the family room. The great new fabric transforms the once shabby seat into a chic and stylish spot.

3. Spend Wisely

It’s always wise to focus your spending. This is wise in the case of window replacement pricing which can be expensive and also need to be considered. In general, you will want to allocate the largest part of your budget for quality furniture. This is because these pieces will last for years despite the normal wear and tear. Changing the smaller touches in the future, like paint and accessories, is less costly and time-consuming.

4. Color In Unlikely Places

Often overlooked, your window trims offer a great opportunity to add a splash of color to any room. The window trim can add a pop of color to make a statement, or tie in an accent color from an unexpected place. Adding some color in unexpected places can really add some personal style.

5. The 50/150 Color Method

No matter what color you choose for your space, you can pair the perfect shades like the pros. Mix one batch 50% lighter than your base paint, and another batch 150% darker. This is a fool-proof method to create the perfect color palette.

6. Make a Great First Impression

For increased curb appeal and a great first impression, paint your front door. You can choose a fun, glossy hue, or a dramatic rich matte to suit your style. Painting the entrance is a great way to catch the eye and make a fantastic first impression.

7. Fix the Fixtures

Reinvent your space by getting rid of dated fixtures. Budget friendly refinishing kits and spray paints can give an old fixture a new lease on life. Hate that old brass chandelier? Give it a coat of satin-nickel or hammered bronze spray paint for a great new look.

8. Atmosphere is Everything

No matter what look you are going for, a stark room with brand new furniture isn’t very inviting. Give your space the look and feel of “home” by adding aromatic candles, eye-catching artwork, and luscious greenery.

9. Bring the Eye Up

All too often, the focus is on filling the room up from side to side. Instead, why not create the illusion of added height in a room by adding things like taller pieces and shelves. This will fill up the top half of the room and bring the eye up to enjoy the full space.

10. Make It Personal

No matter what your style, keep the personal mementos in the plan. Be sure to include what matters and means the most to you and your family. Showcase the things your family loves and allow the design to speak to who you truly are.

Now matter what your personal style or budget, these 10 important tips can help you redecorate your home like a pro. Keep it simple, and don’t try to do everything at once. Keep a level head and move through each room one by one. This can help you stay on budget and keep you focused on the bigger picture.