How Often Should I Clean My Windows


The debate on how often homeowners should clean their windows will always remain open. Actually, you would have asked yourself that question at one point or another.

Although the cleaning frequency depends on many factors, it all boils down to specific circumstances. Here is some valuable information to help you figure out the appropriate number of times you should clean be cleaning your windows.

Frequency of Cleaning

Personal preferences and weather conditions in your location will determine the frequency. It’s fair to say that you can have control over how often you should clear off dirt from your windows based on preference.

On the other hand, you have less control over the weather. As such, you would have to clean the windows more than average recommended twice a year. A classic example is an area that experiences frequent windy conditions. In no time, the wind will carry dust and pollen grains and deposit them on your windows.

Snowy weather conditions also call for up to at least quarterly cleaning of the windows. That is because ice particles can damage your windows if you let them stay there for long.

Living near the ocean also calls for more cleaning due to the salty deposits that stick to windows that can corrode the windows. At the same time, a factory in your area will also mean the same thing – monthly window cleaning!

Cleaning Approach

Cleaning your windows as experts recommend or weather conditions dictate is the starting point. The following are the things you need to note during the cleaning process:

  • start inside then out
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • wash top to bottom
  • wash spring and fall time

The listed approaches present individual benefits, hence the need for you to observe them. Always start cleaning from the inside of the windows. This gives easy access to hidden dirt when you turn to the outside.

Avoiding direct sunlight is essential as it saves you from cleaning drying streaks on the windows’ surfaces.

Always clean windows from top to bottom. Use up down strokes as you move from one side to another. Dirty water will flow from the top down, hence the reason for this approach.

Benefits of Keeping Your Windows Clean

It goes without saying that clean windows create a good and lasting impression. You want to make this type of impression when you are having visitors or prospective buyers in case you ever want to sell your house.

Cleaning your windows will also boost the appearance of your house. Other impressive things are ample lighting and heat into the house. In turn, you will save on air conditioning energy.

The average number of times for cleaning your windows is between two and four per year. However, the weather and your location conditions could call for frequent cleaning.

Other Window Options

Many people still believe that cleaning windows is challenging. You can avoid frequent window cleaning by opting for titanium diode embedded windows. The windows will come at a worthy cost based on their manufacturing technology. With the embedded titanium diode, the windows become self-cleaning. Additionally, the extra layer does not affect the transparency of the windows.

Investing in windows with a layer of titanium diode will ensure you worry less often about window cleaning.